For over a decade Impression Technology/Pigment.Inc has designed, built and distributed numerous digital industrial print equipment in the emerging markets of Textile, Graphics and Industrial marking. Our brands are global market leaders and respected within their communities because of our continual commitment to research and development. We strive to better customer experience and set new industry standards with better engineering and well thought out products and solutions.

With our corporate head office, R&D and laboratory facility located in Sydney Australia, our state of the art manufacturing and service centres in Singapore, Netherlands and Malaysia and a dedicated team of global distribution partners, you can be safe in the knowledge that as a group, we are here to support you.

Utilising in house state of the art engineering, mechanised production processes and highly skilled personnel in place with extensive experience in all aspects of inkjet engineering, mechatronics, motion control, chemistry and software development – Impression Technology/Pigment.Inc is truly a wholly self reliant engineering centre.

Continual development of our global distribution sales, service and support channels is a key part of our business philosophy, a customer centric approach is adopted accordingly. We invite you to look deeper into the benefits that our brand Compress can provide for your business by contacting any one of our dedicated reseller partners near you.


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